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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Custom monster high

hello again :) 
i have just finished my latest custom monster high doll and it made me think how much my customs have improved since i first began creating them.
so here is my monster high custom journey:
this is a rather informal post as i don't  have anywhere to take photos at the moment because my room is being redecorated and its late at night and I just felt like writing a blog post.

this is my latest custom:

and this is my first doll : /
She is kind of ... well... not very good, BUT everyone has to start somewhere right?
when i fist made her i was so proud of her and i used her as my avatar photo all my accounts, now i just cringe XD
BUT as i said before we all have to start somewhere :)

this was my second custom, much better than my first but still not the best.
i guess shes beautiful in a kind of impressionistic way, but the lines are wobbly and the paint is way too thick. 

here is my third custom, i dont know what i was thinking with those freckles they look like dirt ! :}
the lines are much cleaner this time though :)

now here i kinda had a change of style, a vast improvement on the other three.
but i feel like the face is very flat and two dimensional, she just doesn't have the "life" like the others. 

now on to one of my favorites :)
i went back to the old style and i this time i had learned to thin my paint properly so no thick paint and i had much better control of my lines :)

next up is my unicorn girl:

Im not crazy about her face as i think she looks a bit wall eyed 8}
however im really happy with the eye shadow and lips. As you can tell the liens are a lot smoother however they are still too thick

i also modded this doll to have horse hooves :)
im quite pleased with how these turned out.

and now here is my most recent custom :)

im quite pleased with her as the lines are nice and smooth and she has so much character!

here she is with my first ever custom, you wouldn't be able to tell they were by the the same person unless i had told you! 

you can even see the improvement next to a more recent one :)

anyway the whole point of this post is to say 
by practicing you can improve so much <3
im still no expert and i can improve so much more if i just keep practicing
i really want to start doing repaints with water colour pencils but sealant that works on dolls is really hard to find and expensive where i live :(
i will keep this blog updated with my ongoing customization journey :) 

Sunday, 3 July 2016

ever after high

I have recently got into collecting ever after high dolls. I have been meaning to get one ever since they first came out but it has taken me until now to finally purchase some and now i'm hooked.
the little details and the faces are just gorgeous, while I'm not a huge fan of the newer releases ( with few accessories, new faces and painted tights) i adore the older dolls. I currently have four dolls in my collection but i don't think it will stay this small as there are a few dolls on my want list ;)
i decided to take my photos outside for this post as we had really nice weather for a change and the lighting was just perfect <3

first here is a look at darling charming(daughter of king charming), she is not how she comes out of the box as i have styled her hair and painted her accessories. 
I also made her a sword and gave her a pair of tights as i thought her legs looked a bit bare.
 here she is looking gorgeous as ever
 i painted her tiara and head piece, the blue needs a few more coats i just haven't gotten around to it yet :} 
 a look at her dress and painted armor.
and the lovely shoes :)

now its Lizzie hearts (daughter of the queen of hearts )turn:
 i also restyled Lizzie's hair to get it looking more accurate to the box art.
 here is a look at her crown its so pretty 
 she has some really cool earrings and a ruff
 her dress is gorgeous and the tiny details in her ring and bag are just amazing :)
here are her shoes and fun tights

lets have a look at cedar wood (daughter of Pinocchio)
her hair has also been restyled for accuracy.
 i just love cedar's colour scheme 
 she has a blue fairy ring and chopped wood earings. notice her wood grain skin how cool is that ?
 a look at her beautiful dress and bag
here are her shoes i love her socks :)

finally here is a look at apple white (daughter of snow white)
 she has also had her hair restyled 
 i think her crown headband is super cute :)
 here is a look at her dress 
 i just love the tiny details like her ring and bracelet 
and the shoes are super cute too :)
i'm going to leave you with a few photos of them together to finish off the review :)

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Blythe !

I finally got myself a blythe and now I'm addicted :) there is just something about their little faces that keep you coming back for more.
I loved my blythe so much that I bought another so without further ado I shall introduce my blythes.

They are both factory blythes that I have customised, there is Carrie (the brunette )and fox (with the red hair).
First I shall show you Carrie 

She is Star Wars themed as I love <3 Star Wars :) 
Here is what she looked like before her customisation:

I think she looks much nicer now :) 
Blythes can have a string that you pull to change the colour of their eyes, I modded this so she can have "sleepy eyes" which basically means she can close her eyes.
On the topic of modding both girls have also been given a "gaze lift/ gaze correction"

Carrie has a glittery Galaxy painted on her eye lids, I added a tiny millennium falcon and Death Star decals on top :) 

The charms on the end of the string you pull to close/change her eyes are a little storm trooper and a lightsaber.
Now on to fox 

Here is a look at her cute little face :)

 Fox is ... Fox themed so I painted a little landscape with a tree and a fox on her eye lids.#

Here is a look at fox's charms. I made the little fox from polymer clay :) 

 And here they are together, aren't they cute? 

That just about wraps it up for today, thanks for reading :)

Look at fox's shoes and carrie's camera :) 

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

May the 4th be with you

Happy international Star Wars day 2016 ! 
I'm a big Star Wars fan though for some reason I never seem to blog about it; I'll have to fix that 😝
In the picture is one of my chewbacca figures (I have the hot toys chewbacca figure on pre-order i really can't wait for it to arrive!) and a custom Princess Leia doll I made. My Leia is a little pullip hybrid doll she isnt perfect but I'm happy with her. 
Enjoy the rest of your day 😄 what will you be doing? Personally I will be re watching episode 4 a new hope as that's my Favorite and the very first Star Wars film 😍

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Magical girl makeover :)

monster high gooliope jellington as a sailor moon inspired magical girl !
Outfit handmade by me :)

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Update !

I have changed the layout of my blog a bit as the old image was well... A bit old.
Also photo dump :