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hi this is the place i will post some of the most prominent  spoilt  dolls in my collection. XD
  let me introduce my girls:


In order of arrival


Stock name: shan-ria
Personality: Alice is cute,fun and an attention hog; but not in a bad way she is always the life and soul of the party! She and her sister,Lucy,round out each other so well. She loves to cheer up her friends and make people laugh.
BFF: everyone ! It's too hard to choose
Likes: pink,parties,cake and bunnies
Notes: Alice was my first pullip and has received a new wig


Stock name: pullip Peter Pan
Personality: sweet and shy. Bashful and hard working she is the brains of the bunch and spends
multiple hours documenting the days adventures in her journal. However sometimes she does need 
someone to get her to come out of her shell.
Likes:manga,science,anime and sugar
BFF: Luna, they both share a love of comics and pop culture.


Stock name: classical white rabbit
Personality: cute,sweet and a dreamer. Quiet and imaginative Sophia loves to delve into a good book. Although she may be a little shy she will speak her mind. She is super generous and loves to share.
Likes: books,flowers,pie and ramen
BFF: Asuna, well someone has got to keep her out of trouble!


Stock name: SDCC exclusive toki doki superhero, super Stella
Personality: caring,excitable and loving. Although she may not look like it Luna is a comic book / pop culture addict, know a comic convention she will have attended it (or at least spent hours browsing its website). She will do anything for her friends.
Likes: comics,pocky,cosplay and pugs
BFF: Lucy, she will bring her out of her shell, eventually.


Stock name: pullip midnight velvet
Personality: creative,persevering and loyal. Behind her hard outer shell Asuna has a soft core and a heart of gold. An amazing guitar player she devotes her time to hard work and practice. Asuna is very protective of her friends and is loyal to the end. She also dotes on her younger sister Luna.
Likes: guitar,bats,meringues,kawaii characters and pranks
BFF: Sophia, she is so sweet and generous it takes Asuna to stand by her to make sure she isn't walked all over. Plus opposites attract.


this is my darling makie arwen, she is very special to me and is the doll i travel with. She has been on many trips with me and been to some very cool places for a doll!
arwen is very sweet,shy,innocent and quiet.  she is one of my favorite dolls in my collection.

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