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Thursday 7 January 2016

dollfie dreams :)

Im so excited to introduce my first ever volks dollfie dream dolls :) 
i saved up so long for a dollfie and finally could afford one late this year :D on top of that my mum,dad and santa ;) got me a mini dollfie dream for Christmas :) 
i have wanted these dolls for so long and i am overjoyed to have them in my collection !
 here they are :)
yukino is the taller of the two and meiko is the shorter one.
 dollfie dreams are 1/3rd scale or SD sized, so thy are the biggest dolls i have in my collection.
for comparison here is a pullip which has a 1/6th scale body.
 oh, i have yet to introduce this pullip (miku) on my blog yet, but she is so gorgeous i couldn't resist using her for comparison.
 this is yukino, she is amazing :) 
she is a volks yukino standard model second ver.

 i always have so much fun with my  dollfie dreams, they are a dream to pose (no pun intended :) !)
 this is meiko, an mdd Rena.  
 i adore her pastel wig(from ring doll),its so cheerful and cute.
 her outfit is unicorn themed because i <3 unicorns !!!!!
 here is the pair together, i love the way they play off each other!
they have such different characters its amusing to imagine what they would be saying :)
 random cuteness !!!!!
and a picture of them together to finish off the post !
thanks for reading :) 
feel free to comment or follow ;)

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