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Saturday 20 June 2015

Arwen,the makie, in Stratford upon Avon

recently I went on a day trip to Shakespeare's birth town Stratford upon Avon, accompanying me was one of my "bestest " buddies,who for safety reasons will be know as BFF, and my ever faithful makie girl Arwen!
first BFF and I looked around the shops,I must say Stratford is a lovely place it's so clean and has some beautiful medieval architecture.
me and BFF cracked up when we saw these books- if Shakespeare had wrote star wars ;)
Our favourite was " the Jedi doth return " just look at that Tudor style jabba the hut !
Next we discovered an amazing collectors bear shop we spent ages looking around, the shop is called Curtis brae, they also have an online store too over here  !
There was a GIANT teddy bear out side the shop it was taller than me ! :) 
I really loved this vintage style rabbit by steiff so adorable :)

Here are some more gorgeous steiff Bears
i find this little bear so playful and endearing 
Not too familiar with this brand of bears but I really loved this bear he looks so sad you just want to take him home <3
if anyone is in Stratford upon Avon i would highly recommend checking out Curtis brae their shop is absolutely amazing ! i did make a purchase from curtis brae which i will show you at the end of the post :)
we also saw this really fun pop culture shop near curtis brae, unfortunately i cannot remember its name :}
it had some really cool funko pop figures, which i was very tempted by and some awesome D.C and marvel comics merchandise! :)
next BFF and I visited a beautiful park just outside the royal Shakespeare theater, it was gorgeous there were some buskers playing folk music which really set the mood :)   

here is Arwen by some beautiful flowers just outside the theater, they bring out her coloring so well :)

 here she is by the canal with some nosy geese behind her, i was worried they would jump out of the water and knock her over XD
you could rent a row boat to use on the canal, however me and BFF didn't  because we didn't have enough time and probably would have ended up stuck right in the middle of the canal just helplessly floating ;)
 we took a rest by a tree the weather was lovely and sunny which was a bonus! 
 a trip to Stratford upon Avon wouldn't be complete with out a trip to the royal Shakespeare theater. we saw a staging of  Othello by the royal Shakespeare company , which was awesome and interesting, i would highly recommend it :)   
 in the interval we discovered an art exhibition, it was hundreds of paper boats made of foreign money,stamps and other travel items :)
here we are back home with a Hansa plush hamster i bought from curtis brae. he is so realistic and is appropriately named Othello to remind me of my trip.  
BFF and i had an amazing time in Stratford upon avon  and would love to return sometime soon :)

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