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Tuesday 14 July 2015

super,ultimate,mega Zelf review:)

hi today it is time for my way over due zelf review .I have been slowly gathering Zelfs over the past couple of months adding them to the pile and saying "I will review these when I have the time " and after moving into my craft room, selling my handmade products at craft fairs and custom doll/pony work I finally have time. And it's about time too as I now have SEVEN zelfs to review in one post ( yes I probably could have split this into multiple posts but that would lead to further procrastination and saying " I will review when I have the time " :} ) to keep this post short I will not go into quite as much detail as usual, without further a do lets get reviewing :)
 here they all are in box(apart from zelicious flitter) for our review i will start with the mediums 
 here is flare, the phoenix zelf and cindy-moo,the cow girl zelf. they each come with a comb,hair clip and collectors leaflet. i love flare's bright bold colouring they compliment each other so well :)
cindy-moo is totally cute too :) i do wish her hat was a little larger though.
next is the zelicous zelfs:
 first is cheeky tiki the Hawaiian tiki zelf. he smells like vanilla :)  
 he comes with a bongo drum and seat made from a leaf its adorable  ;)
 now we have flitter the dragonfly zelf !
 i love the bright colours on flitter. the pineapple scent is really authentic;it smells just like the real fruit :)
 here is the drink stand that is included in the set, i think i looks like a DJ booth but oh well  ;}

 i will now review the three large zelfs i have each one comes with a brush,two hair clips and a collectors leaflet.
first up is the adorable baabara the sheep zelf. 
i love her droopy ears and pink accents. she has some cool gold strands in her hair :) 
next up is Sheldon the Neptune zelf. I find this interesting as a Neptune is not a thing but a Greek god this is not necessarily a bad thing just interesting. 
 here he is i love his crown and fins :)
 here is a shot of his super cool glittery tail :)
finally its snowflake the snow bunny zelf !
 i love the beautiful soft air bushed colours and super detailed snowflakes.
 snowflake is the first zelf not to be barefoot she has fluffy boots :)
that wraps up this massive zelf review :) here is a group shoot of these adorable characters to close out :)

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