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Monday, 10 August 2015

toy haul :) in the USA

a few weeks ago i went to the USA on holiday :)
there i was able to find toys that i couldn't find /were very expensive in my home town.
here is my haul and a peek at the items i brought home !
some of these toys will be reviewed here on the blog :) 
here goes :)
 group shot
 while at toys r us times square i was lucky enough to find an ultra rare zelf i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw her on the shelf :) her name is pearleen and she is an angelic mermaid zelf, too cool .
i also got  royal P  the peacock zelf too :) 
 i was also over joyed to find these tiny monster high mega bloks figures :) they are so tiny and adorable i just had to pick up the whole collection ;}
 i got these little studio pets figures on sale for $2 at claires accessories and thought they would make brilliant pets for my dolls :)

on to the my little ponies !
 i got four really cheap ponies from walmart to customize, how they shall be customized is a secret... 
at least for now ;) 
 i got a lyra heartstrings and a  toys r us exclusive rainbow dash as i have wanted these figures for a while but was unable to find them  in my home country. 
 i also got a cupcake keepsake derpy hooves figure as it was adorable and derpy is my favorite pony :)
 these funko pop figures of my favorite comic book/disney
 characters were too adorable to resist :) ...
 as was this sailor moon figure 
 i got these disney dolls on a crazy clearancedeal for just $5 each :) which was awesome as i have wanted some of these charcters for a while .
 i got a gorgeous make it mine doll from the mim website :)
 the 17" monster high doll goolipe jellington, who is absolutely amazing, was brought for me by my aunt (thank you if you are reading ) 
i also got this rilakumma plush and an adorable Artemis plush from sailor moon :) 
so that wraps up  my haul look out for a new post about my trip up soon :)


  1. Wow what an amazing haul!! I always thought you lived in the US. Where are you from? :)

    Congrats on finding a Pearleen and snagging the Toys R Us exclusive Rainbow Dash! I sure wished I lived in the US! Toys are definitely cheaper there and you can find more toy lines (those basic ponies you bought costed me about 20 USD a piece T_T). I love the studio pets one! I've not seen those before.

    1. Thanks :)
      Going to the U.S. was really good for getting toy at a low price. I am a UK based toy collector so some toys, monster high especailly, can be a bit pricey.
      I always find it fun to think how my collection would be different if I lived some where else. If lived in America I know I would have more monster high and ponies in my collection because they have such a wide range. If I lived in Japan I would have way more amine toys and figures as I tend to only get my figures at conventions to save on shipping costs.

      But I love my toy collection anyways :)