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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Contest entry for requiem arts back to school competition :)

Hello again dear readers,
Today I'm posting about my entry for requiem arts back to school doll contest :) 
This is my pullip doll Alice, I have been unhappy about her wig and clothing for a while and as a result I didn't play with her as much as I would like. :( 
When I saw Requiem artcontest it gave me the motivation to get started. 

I really needed a new wig so I thought to make my own, I went for a pullip papain style of wig.
Firstly I made my own wig fibre by brushing out some wool/yarn
It took about 2 hours.
Then I spent a good while removing all tangles from my wig fibre.
Next was the wig cap first I carefully cut up a sock and sewed it together this took. About 30 minutes. Once I had my wig cap made I wrapped my doll in plastic put the wig cap on and began to apply the wig fibre with glue. 1 hour 30 minutes later I had a wig :) 
 Whilst that was drying I set to work on her outfit.
I made a little jumper dress from a sock and then proceeded to sew tiny cute little pom-poms on it.
This took me another hour and a half.
 And then she was done :)  
I'm so happy with how it came out and Alice gets played with a lot more as a result of this.

Here is the before and after shots :
 My photography has improved a lot since the first photo so please excuse the before shot :) 



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