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Saturday 3 October 2015

happy national zelfs day !

Today is national zelfs day, hooray
This gives a collectors a chance to find out more about their favorite zelfs and help new people discover the zelfs! There will be tons of fun activities going on to today including giveaways :) So check out the national zelfs day website for more info.

How will you celebrate? go zelf hunting, open up some new zelfs,reorganize your collection?
To help celebrate here on my blog I'm going to post a zelfs photo gallery of the photos i have taken over time. I have collected zelfs since the very start :) and as a result have more than a few.
here you go:

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happy zelfs day :) 


  1. Man, it's been such a long time since I last commented! I have problems commenting my my mobile and I barely get on the computer unless it's time for an update ><

    How are you doing? I love your Zelf collection and the posters on the back. I haven't figured out how to display mine, but I just love looking at many of them put together! Seeing all the different colors make me happy for some reason :)

    1. I'm doing good thanks very busy though :)
      I love the colours of zelfs too they are all just so cheerful.
      Figuring out how to display my zelfs took some time, when I reorganise I normally put down the play sets and work from there. Takes some time though ; )

    2. Christmas is coming and was wondering if you'd be interested in a little X'mas swap? :D A letter / card plus little gifts if you like. Budget is 5 USD but optional. I've never done something like this before but thought it would be fun!

    3. Sounds really fun, I'm up for it :)

    4. Yay! Email me your address :) ginelle.choong@h o t m a i l dot com