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Saturday 28 November 2015

irwin toys sailor moon find :)

a couple of months back my mum and i found a full set of irwin toys sailor moon dolls at a yard sale/car boot 
i was so shocked and excited to find such rare dolls for such a great price.
 here they are, in pretty good condition for 10+ year old dolls. They still had all their earrings,tiaras and chokers which is amazing. The only accessories that are missing are sailor Venus's bow and shoes and all of the gloves (excluding sailor mars' gloves).
 as you can see here the absence of a missing bow.
 their hair was a mess total disaster, look at sailor mars for an prime example of bed hair  >-<
 here you can see sailor Venus's missing shoes  
 a nasty pink mark on Jupiter's leg. : {
 and a small mark on mars's ankle/
 here is a closer look at the gloves.
now to restore them :)
now they look much better. for reference i removed the marks with acetone(thoroughly rinsing afterwards) and gave the girls hair a good brush and boil wash. i will eventually get round to making some gloves for them but that's a project for another day ! 

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