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Saturday 18 June 2016

Blythe !

I finally got myself a blythe and now I'm addicted :) there is just something about their little faces that keep you coming back for more.
I loved my blythe so much that I bought another so without further ado I shall introduce my blythes.

They are both factory blythes that I have customised, there is Carrie (the brunette )and fox (with the red hair).
First I shall show you Carrie 

She is Star Wars themed as I love <3 Star Wars :) 
Here is what she looked like before her customisation:

I think she looks much nicer now :) 
Blythes can have a string that you pull to change the colour of their eyes, I modded this so she can have "sleepy eyes" which basically means she can close her eyes.
On the topic of modding both girls have also been given a "gaze lift/ gaze correction"

Carrie has a glittery Galaxy painted on her eye lids, I added a tiny millennium falcon and Death Star decals on top :) 

The charms on the end of the string you pull to close/change her eyes are a little storm trooper and a lightsaber.
Now on to fox 

Here is a look at her cute little face :)

 Fox is ... Fox themed so I painted a little landscape with a tree and a fox on her eye lids.#

Here is a look at fox's charms. I made the little fox from polymer clay :) 

 And here they are together, aren't they cute? 

That just about wraps it up for today, thanks for reading :)

Look at fox's shoes and carrie's camera :) 

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