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Sunday 3 July 2016

ever after high

I have recently got into collecting ever after high dolls. I have been meaning to get one ever since they first came out but it has taken me until now to finally purchase some and now i'm hooked.
the little details and the faces are just gorgeous, while I'm not a huge fan of the newer releases ( with few accessories, new faces and painted tights) i adore the older dolls. I currently have four dolls in my collection but i don't think it will stay this small as there are a few dolls on my want list ;)
i decided to take my photos outside for this post as we had really nice weather for a change and the lighting was just perfect <3

first here is a look at darling charming(daughter of king charming), she is not how she comes out of the box as i have styled her hair and painted her accessories. 
I also made her a sword and gave her a pair of tights as i thought her legs looked a bit bare.
 here she is looking gorgeous as ever
 i painted her tiara and head piece, the blue needs a few more coats i just haven't gotten around to it yet :} 
 a look at her dress and painted armor.
and the lovely shoes :)

now its Lizzie hearts (daughter of the queen of hearts )turn:
 i also restyled Lizzie's hair to get it looking more accurate to the box art.
 here is a look at her crown its so pretty 
 she has some really cool earrings and a ruff
 her dress is gorgeous and the tiny details in her ring and bag are just amazing :)
here are her shoes and fun tights

lets have a look at cedar wood (daughter of Pinocchio)
her hair has also been restyled for accuracy.
 i just love cedar's colour scheme 
 she has a blue fairy ring and chopped wood earings. notice her wood grain skin how cool is that ?
 a look at her beautiful dress and bag
here are her shoes i love her socks :)

finally here is a look at apple white (daughter of snow white)
 she has also had her hair restyled 
 i think her crown headband is super cute :)
 here is a look at her dress 
 i just love the tiny details like her ring and bracelet 
and the shoes are super cute too :)
i'm going to leave you with a few photos of them together to finish off the review :)

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