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Thursday, 14 May 2015

custom Harley Quinn doll

It's one of my best friends birthday coming up soon, and she is such an amazing friend to me I really wanted to get her something special for her birthday <3 
She loves the sassy DC comics villain Harley Quinn ,so doll customising being something I have done many times before I made her a custom Harley Quinn from a monster high spectra vondergeist.
I am so pleased with how she turned out ! But alas I am a perfectionist and hand made things are never perfect :/ 
It took me about 10 hours to put the whole thing together. I had to repaint the face and hands sew all her clothes and make a custom mallet and Lego mini figure ! All in the name of friendship :) <3 

If anyone thinks making cosplay is hard wait till you try it in 1/6th scale ! That tiny catsuit was so hard to sew :) I do like a challenge ! It took three attempts until I had worked out all the kinks, I think it came okay too :) 

So that's it for the lovely Harley , she is so full of character ! She will be going to her new home soon where I know she will be enjoyed and cherished :) 
Happy birthday friend I will not identify for safety resons !!!!!!! <3 :) 


  1. I love it so much!!!! Thank you!!!!!! And Harley is settling into her new home nicely.

    1. Your sooooooooooo welcome :)

    2. By the way, I'm at www.raobbyme.blogspot.com