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Saturday 9 May 2015

large zelf review- high tail and bella blossom

more zelfs :) today i will be reviewing two of the large zelfs from series four! 
first up is high tail the winged unicorn zelf 
in box : front 
now lets look at Bella blossom the cherry blossom zelf in box !
and back
here they are out of box with their accessories 
this is what high tail comes with : two hair clips, a brush and a collectors leaflet. i love the little unicorn clip!
bella blossom comes with all the same things except her hair clips have a different design, adorable flowers !
here is a look at high tail, i love <3 the rainbow hair its so fitting for a unicorn.
the tummy design is adorable too !
here is a back view, look at those giant wings and tail. high tail also glows in the dark !!!
time for bella blossom, i love her however i so badly wish she was called something more interesting like sakura  for example ( in case you didn't know sakura is Japanese for cherry blossom)  
her is her delicate flower design, so pretty !

she has gorgeous flower head pieces  
and amazing wings !!

i absolutely adore these zelfs and they are a great addition to my collection, they are so pretty !!!

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