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Friday 22 May 2015

Lalaloopsy girls- Bea spells a lot

a new review !! but first let me introduce you to my best buddy and blogging novice random observations by me <3 check out her awesome blog here. raobbymes's post are full of rants,fun and downright nerdy-ness.
 we <3 you raobbyme !

onto the review today i am reviewing Lalaloopsy girls- Bea spells a lot ! 
lalaloossies are plastic rag dolls made by MGA 
i have always loved the handmade cuteness of lalaloopsies and now they come in fashion doll size :)
oh MGA you know how to get a girl to buy a doll !!
here she is 
front of box
back of box 
now lets look at her accessories: she comes with a set on pajamas(more on them later) 
the handle of the box turn into a hair bow; so cute 
a hair comb, i love the little character on top 
and Bea's adorable pet owl, named owl obviously !
here's the back of owl 
and some cute pencil shaped hair clips
now lets look at the doll herself: she comes wearing with a non-removable hair bow
here is her face and AMAZING glasses !!!!!!!! i actually have a pair similar to this ;)
here is her school girl inspired outfit ; she is sewn from a shcool uniform afterall !
and cute sneakers 
there is a cool design on the soles 
her birthday is printed on her pink pants 
here she is modelling her PJs (she can't hold owl on her own i had to use elastic beads to get him to stay ;)!)
i LOVE <3 <3 <3 these pajamas they totally look like something i would wear :) i am a crazy math and science fan! what i can i say i love learning :) 

a closer look at her PJ bottoms so adorable 
one really 'cool' feature of this doll is that her hair changes colour in icy water!
the comb works well to separate out her plastic noodle like pig tails. the rest of her hair is molded plastic and doesn't change colour. 
now time to colour change her hair!!!!!: 
here you can see the colour difference the pink strands go much darker when dipped in the cold water the orange strands go slightly darker too though its not as dramatic 
here is lalaloopsy girls bea spells alot next to the the original lalaloopsy version. bea has always been my favorite lalaloopsy character<3
final thoughts: love her so much. she poses well, looks adorable yet is really durable at the same time :) 
all  bea's accessories compliment her nicely and would be useful during play, not to mention the pajamas I WANT A PAIR !!
on that note i shall leave you with some pics of the adorable miss spells alot :)

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