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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Disney tsum tsum review

Disney tsum tsums 

in this post i will be reviewing some adorable tsum tsum plushes.
Disney tsum tsums are collectible plushes of Disney characters(there are tons of different characters!), originally created in Japan the craze has gone global. tusm tsum means stack stack in Japanese, all the characters are the same basic shape which allows them to be stacked. i love these plush they are so cute or should i say kawaii !
just one more game...
tsum tsums are based off the app under the same name, this app is super addictive T_T
all tsum tsums come with this hang tag with pictures from the app. it also has a small illustration showing how the bottom of the plush can be used as a screen cleaner. 
first up is lady from lady and the tramp:
front view-i love her fluffy ears and dainty eyelashes ;)
back view- she has an embroidered collar and a teeny tiny tail 
underneath you can see tiny legs and the screen wipe fabric.
next its the Disney mascot himself, mickey mouse
 i love his adorable string tail :)
look at those tiny gloves, adorable !
here is chip, the cheeky chipmunk, from the chip and dale cartons 
here is his stripey back 
and his belly :)
now for my all time favorite Disney character, STITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love stitch so much one of my dogs is named after him....
here is my stitch, dressed up as a leopard :)
i also have a large stitch plush collection, perhaps i may share it on the blog one day.

back view of tsum tsum stitch 
the whole point of tsum tsums is to collect and stack them so .....

 i really enjoy the simplified features of tsum tsums and have great fun playing with the stackable feature. a word of warning if you get one you will want more ! :)
i hope you enjoyed my review and visit my blog again soon :)


  1. Hi! May I know where you got them from?

    1. Sure :)
      I purchased mine from a shop in the UK called clintons but you can also buy them at the Disney store or the Disney store website. You could also try eBay(be carful of fakes though)or Amazon.

      Thanks for reading my blog too :)

    2. Hey thanks for your reply! But the Disney store only ship to US or Canada right?

    3. There are a few different Disney store sites actually not just Disney store.com
      Here is a link to them (hopefully it works )

      I know the UK site delivers to many countries in Europe.
      Hope this helps