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Monday 13 April 2015

Series 4 zelf review

Zelfs! ;) 

It's no secret that I love <3 zelfs, they are cute fluffy and adorable.
The water mark is my name on the love your zelf forum

Today I will be reviewing two of the series 4 zelfs, sew Anne the teddy bear zelf and flittabell the swallow tail butterfly zelf.
Zelfs are like the modern version of troll dolls themed around nature and animals. Each zelf has a special power,such as love, which they will allegedly share with its owner .
Zelfs come in three different sizes super, medium and lil.
front of boxes
back of boxes 
sew anne and flittabell's bios

first up is medium flittabell zelf.
her zelf power is patience. she comes with a collectors leaflet, comb, three hair ties and a butterfly hair clip.

here is a closer look at the accessories 
series 4 medium collectors leaflet.
here is sweet little flittabell with her hair clip, so cute !
flittabell's main colour scheme is hot pink and teal blue, they look really nice together.
front view of designs 
back view of design, look at those gorgeous wings !

finally here is large zelf sew anne. her zelf power is caring.
she comes with a brush, two hair clips, two hair ties and a collectors leaflet.
closer look, i love the paw and bear shaped hair clip :)
here is sew anne modeling her hair clips.
collectors leaflet 
i really like sew annes's two tone look and cute stitches. how adorable!
back view, the little teddy face and button are adorable.

the two friends together.

i hope you enjoyed this zelf review and will come back to vist my blog!
bye :) 


  1. WOW! I love your Zelf collection! Flittabel is one of my favourites from their latest series. I love her color and her wings. I like how Moose up-ed the designs with each new series because in series 1, most of them shared the same wing design; just a different color

    1. Thank you so much deehellseven :) I'm so happy to have my first follower and comment ! I will be sure to give you and your blog a shout out in my next post <3
      I too love the new designs from moose so many adorable details