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Friday 24 April 2015

Pullip midnight velvet review:)

Hooray a pullip review:) 

as some of you may have gathered I am a big fan of pullip dolls, there is just something about them.
These dolls are highly articulated and have an "eye mech" which can close and re-position their eyes ( I will explain more on this later). The pullip head has an anime look to it, which I think was what originally drew me to the brand. 
Today the pullip I am reviewing is pullip midnight velvet from the Snow White series!
 Here she is in box
Side view 

Back view 
here she is in the box insert and with some instructions she came with
out of box first look, i adore her already ! lets take a closer look at her accessories:
here are her awesome looking shoes, side view 
front view 
here is her collector card sorry its the wrong way (can't wok out how to rotate it) 
back view of card
she also comes with a pretty gold stand 
here is her maleficent-esce head dress, it is so detailed with loads of lacy details 
here she is modelling her hat  whoops head dress 
here is her tiny-tiny necklace 
pants and socks: i love these socks not a fan of the pants though a bit to skimpy for my taste( at least she has pants! most dolls don't) 
her dress is actually a top and three skirts (yes i know only two are pictured on here i only discovered there was an other after i took this :} )
a look a the beautiful detail on the top skirt 
the detail on the skirt at the middle  
ooohhhh sparkly 
look at the beautiful sparkly sequins 
oh no more sparkle for me to drool over 
this skirt also has some beaded trim
now lets look at the top 
look at that tiny lacing and even more shiny beads!!!!
here is the skirt at the very bottom even that has lace trim :) now lets look at the doll herself 
when i took the doll out of the packaging her whole body was wrapped in plastic to stop all the dark clothes from staining her pale skin. pullips are extremely articulated my doll is on a pullip type four body.however i want to keep my blog child friendly and un- offensive as a naked doll  may offend some people. if you would  like to see a pullip body and its articulation i would highly recommended checking out this comparison of pullip bodies on the pullips and junk blog.
here she is modeling her shoes and socks
the doll has glittery purple eye-shadow and mauve lip colour 
her is a closer look at her eyes
ok so here is how the eye mech works: the flat rectangle slides from side to side to change the direction the eyes face and you press the round cylinders to get the eyes to close; either one at at time or both at the same time. 
here are a final few pics of the doll:

i absolutely love this doll. the detail is mind blowing and the articulation is very good.
the doll is so high quality and will be a great addition to my growing pullip collection!
P.S. if anyone would like me to post one of my pullip photo shoots on my blog leave a comment and i will try my best ! 


  1. I love Pullips! I used to own a couple of TOKIDOKI ones but sold them away because I fell out with the friend whom I started collecting them for.. But if I have the money I would buy them again

    Can't wait to see other pics of your Pullip collection ^^ I'm especially interested in the one on your side bar

    1. I'm sorry you and your friend fell out,I know how you feel :( but my toys always cheer me up ! :)
      I will make a post on my pullip collection then, I will probably upload it some time next week, as I'm not feeling too well at the moment.

    2. Oh no, I hope you recover soon. Drink plenty of water and get lots of rest!

    3. Thanks will do, I am on my way to recovery :) I have a new zelf to review when I am better, which should I post first , zelfs or pullips? ;)

    4. Ooh I can't decide on that either >< I think it doesn't really matter because I wanna see all anyway :P