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Monday 20 April 2015

Pinypon review

pinypon review

today i am reviewing pinypon figures. pinypons are mini dolls with interchangeable clothes, hair, heads and accessories. they are really cute and anime looking, they would be a good cheaper alternative to nendoriod!
here is a pinypon in box, front of box
back of box
here she is out of box with the accessories she came with, she came with some little charms which you stick in tiny hole on your pinypon to decorate it.
she comes apart to allow for the mix and match feature.
if you turn the head around it has another design on it so you can change her look/expression, this side of the head is wearing sun glasses and has a different facial expression to the default side.
here is the default side for reference. 
the head is also hollow so you cans tore the tiny charms inside so you don't loose them, i absolutely love this idea as it make these dolls so easy to store and you never loose their accessories.  
she looks so lonely :(
here she is with her hair back on, she looks sad on her lonesome so....
here are some friends to outfit swap with her !
i feel so bad :{
here they all are un-assembled, mix and match time :) !!!!!

here they are back in their normal outfits, there are so many combinations it would take me days to do them all!  
here they are by my nendoriod hatsune miku ( i did a review of her HERE)
i have really enjoyed reviewing pinypon mini dolls they are a fun inexpensive addition to my collection and i just know i am going to end up with more !


  1. Aww they're so cute! I love their colors. They look like they would instantaneously brighten up anyone's day ^w^

  2. I know I always smile when I see them XD