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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

nendoroid hatsune miku x lucky star

hatsune miku, yay

Before this review i would like to give a shout out to deehellseven go check out her awesome blog over here -> http://deehellseven.blogspot.co.uk

in this post i will be reviewing nendoroid hatsune miku x lucky star , i picked up this figure while at mcm Birmingham comic con as i have wanted a nendoriod for a while and i'm a vocaloid fan.
hatsune miku is the first ever vocaloid.
vocaloids are basically  Japanese computer programs which can be programmed to sing lyrics.
here is link to a video of hatsune miku's live concert for those who are unsure of what a vocaliod sounds like: hatsune miku- concert world is mine. ( I don't own this video all rights belong to its creator) 
If you don't know what lucky star is...
Lucky star is a very popular anime, I have watched a few episodes and must say that it is quite funny.
It basically follows the lives of four school girls and the situations they land themselves in 
These two companies collaborated with good smile to make a Nendoriod.

Anyway, here is the hatsune miku figure:
In box just waiting to be opened :) I can't tell you what it says on the box because I don't speak the language that its printed in (presumably Japanese)

here is what she comes with:
2 spring onions 
one bent leg

three bent arms 
an extra face plate
another extra face plate 
a clear stand 
a torso, default face plate, 2 straight legs and two straight arms.
her head set is removable just look at the attention to detail ! 
even her twin tails can be posed and removed.
here is miku modelling her extra face plates 
do i really have to sing another song ???
here are few of the vast  very very vast range of poses she can do, i just love pose-able figures :)
vocaliod yoga, not sure that's ever going to take off

her hands are detachable from her arms, so you can mix and match even more or have more tiny pieces to loose
a set of hands has holes in so she can hold her spring onions!
here she is un-assembled 
this pose is my favorite, hatsune miku looks like she is jumping for joy !

awwww so cute XD

overall i am very happy with this adorable hatsune miku figure, her posing possibilities are all most endless and the attention to detail is amazing. the paint job is also brilliant. i would recommend her to any vocaliod fan or anime fan as she is just too cute ! :)


  1. Thank you for the shoutout! That's sweet of you ><

    I love how cute Nendoroids are and I've been wanting some for the longest time! My first and only Nendoroid is Pokemon Trainer Red. But I find that Nendoroids are so hard to pose ;( My Red keeps falling over until he received some dents to his head T_T

    By the way, I couldn't find you in my followers list. Maybe you could try adding my url to your reading list?

  2. Hmmmmm that's odd I am denfinitley following, I will post screen shots of both on your thread on the love your Zelf forum ( I'm Cutiepieclover).
    They are hard to pose but hatsune Mikus twin tails help her balance a lot :) maybe if you get another you should try one with twin tails:)

  3. Ah that's strange.. I can't see your profile on my followers. Did you follow me privately? ^^;;

    It's alright, I'd count you in for the giveaway no worries ^_^

    1. thanks >^.^< can't wait to see who wins :)